Polishing the Particle System

Today's goal: Add new features to particle system implementation and implement a few more effects!

It works! Now what?

In the last stream, we implemented a particle system from scratch and verified it worked by adding a ship booster effect for the player ship in Syphon Break.

Today we'll expand on that implementation to add a few more features and then use it to add specific effects to make the game look more interesting.

Check out the code: https://github.com/FluxHarmonic/syphon-break https://github.com/substratic/engine https://github.com/mesche-lang/compiler


DONE Fix the garbage collector crashing issue

DONE Add opacity interpolation

DONE Add a speed boost effect

TODO Add an option for a particle system to always have particles follow origin

TODO Add an explosion effect when a ship is destroyed

TODO Add a burning effect for heatwaved enemies

TODO Add particle effects for enemy ship boosters?

TODO Add color interpolation