Automatic Game Publishing on

Today's goal: Automatically publish new builds of Crash The Stack on every time a commit is pushed to the repo!


  • Finished the first pass of mesche build design, updated all projects to use it
  • Added new functionality for mesche process
  • Added new mesche io module
  • Started working on porting Mesche to Windows

Automating Game Publishing

Today we're going to try to automate the publishing of our game project Crash The Stack on using GitHub Actions and mesche build. has a command line tool called Butler which makes this fairly easy:

Here's the page for the project:

The current builds there are old from the previous incarnation of the project!


DONE Sync repos and clean up any mess I made from commits earlier today

DONE Verify that the new pkg-config command is working locally

TODO Download the latest build of Mesche CLI from CI

TODO Use download-mesche CI task on GitHub Actions to install Mesche

TODO Attempt to build a working distributable of the game that we can download from CI

TODO Set up Butler and attempt to publish a Linux build of the game with it