Creating Sprites for the Game Board

Today's goal: Create 5-10 basic tile face sprites for the game board and get them displaying in a randomized way!


  • Made a lot of progress improving mesche build but not ready to show yet!
  • Polished up the tile rendering for Crash The Stack since last time

Let's make this look more like a game!

Today we're going to do a little bit of "poor man's" game graphics to produce some basic tile faces we can use for our "hacker Mahjongg" game Crash The Stack.

After we get the basic tile faces sketched out, we'll write up the code necessary to display these tiles randomly on the simple game board that we crafted last week.

If we have time, we may also start writing the code to check whether a tile at a particular position is playable. Perhaps by next week we'll have a basic playable build of the game!


DONE Draw up some basic tile sprites in The GIMP

DONE Update the texture renderer to support sprite sheets

TODO Write code to display those tiles randomly

TODO Start writing the code necessary to check whether tiles are playable or not

Next Steps