Rewriting the Game Build with Mesche

Today's goal: Convert the build for Crash The Stack and Substratic to use the new mesche build command!


  • Fixed a ton of issues in the compiler and VM by writing more code in the language
  • Added a lot of useful core APIs in the mesche fs, mesche list, mesche string and mesche process modules
  • mesche build is ready to be used…

Building Projects with Mesche

I spent a lot of time this weekend fleshing out the Mesche language and libraries to accomplish a very important goal: the ability to build an entire C and Mesche project using my own build tool and project description format.

Why? To make it much easier to write and ship projects using Mesche!

Building this tool allows me to simplify the approach I use to build my projects consistently across multiple platforms and also handle things like dependency management, release configurations, and packaging apps for distribution.

Today I'll show you how it works by converting the build of Crash The Stack and the Substratic library to using mesche build.

If you want to check out the code:


DONE Create a new project.msc file for Crash The Stack

DONE Create a new project.msc file for the embedded Substratic library

DONE Add a function to make it easy to clone a Git repository

DONE Add a function for downloading a file (musl-c) from the web using wget

DONE Add a function for unpacking a .tar.gz file using tar

TODO Add a way to switch between gcc and musl-c

TODO Delete the old file!

Next Steps