Finishing the Thumbnail Renderer

Today's goal: Finish the thumbnail renderer work (for now) so that we can move on to something new!


  • Fixed the OpenGL threading issue from last time; scene graphics now work!
  • Implemented async REPL support in Mesche
  • You can now run Mesche scripts to render thumbnails without showing the preview window
  • Module file loading has been implemented!
  • Early stages of building Mesche's standard library

Let's close out the thumbnail renderer

We've finally reached a point where we can describe and render thumbnail images with Mesche!

I've decided that today is the last time we'll work on the thumbnail renderer for a while. I'll definitely be adding some improvements to it for my own uses and I'll give updates on stream if I do anything interesting.

I think it will be more intersting to move on to bigger projects and potentially produce some software that you all can try out and give feedback on!

What's next?

I'm really excited about the next phase of what we'll be doing on this channel:

  • Start building the mesche command line tools, especially mesche build
  • Flesh out Mesche's capabilities for writing general applications (where Mesche is driver)
  • Lay the groundwork for the next iteration of my Substratic Engine (move over some Flux code)
  • Build a game on stream while writing all of this! We'll rewrite Crash The Stack in Mesche and C

The ultimate goal is to build tools that enable me ship a game written with Mesche and C before the Ludum Dare game jam on April 1.

This is so that I can push out new binaries of the game live while I code it during the jam!


DONE Delete the old scripting language code and tests

DONE Delete old Guile Scheme code

DONE Move flux modules into their own files, add to load path

DONE Add blended rectangle rendering to scene library

DONE Add font rendering to scene library

TODO Enable centered text rendering

Next Steps

TODO Start hacking on new stuff!