Rendering Thumbnails with Mesche

Today's goal: Write the Flux Harmonic thumbnail description in Mesche!


  • Mark-and-sweep GC is now added!
  • Added standard Scheme-style function definitions
  • Added initial support for keyword arguments

Rendering Thumbnails with Mesche

Mesche needs the ability to describe a "scene" to be rendered, like this:

(define thumb
  (scene :width 1000
	 :height 1000
	 (list (circle :name 'circle1
		       :x 200
		       :y 500
		       :radius 100
		       :color (rgb 255 0 0)))))

To make this happen we'll need to define some functions both in Mesche and C to wire up this capability!

Let's see if we can get enough added to describe the Flux Harmonic thumbnail image purely in Mesche so that we can remove the hardcoded C code.


DONE Start building a set of Mesche functions to replicate what we want in the scene description

DONE Expose C functions for building the actual scene objects

DONE Add an object type for handling C pointers

TODO Implement a basic list object type

Next Steps

TODO Implement a basic list object type

TODO Add APIs for displaying images and text in a scene

TODO Ensure that native objects are being freed correctly